Will+Heather // Newlywed Life //The Marriage Chronicles v. T W O

Allie Harrington
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You may remember meeting my beautiful, kind sister here on the blog when I did her bridal session at Tyler State Park. If you missed it, you can find that session HERE. Now, she’s six months into wedded bliss with her husband, Will. I wanted to share their story here on the blog and give you a peek into their hearts as newlyweds, as part two of my Marriage Chronicles Series. The Marriage Chronicles are meant to give a real, raw picture of beautiful marriages and the lessons to be learned within them.
Heather and Will met at a wedding (where they were both members of the wedding party), and they joke, “Will’s dance moves really caught Heather’s eye!” After dating for three months, they talked about how they wanted to date with intention and purpose, and they say it was a trip to LA and this conversation that really made them fall in love. Before they met, they both learned to rely on the goodness of God in providing a spouse. Heather experienced a season of singleness before she met Will, and they both learned to be intentional and pursuant with their love after they met. Both carried what Heather calls “certain pieces of “baggage” into their relationship and says they have learned to prayerfully and graciously surrender any bitterness or hurt associated with our past mistakes.
Since their September wedding, they have only gotten stronger as a couple. Heather says that Will has helped her see things from a more upbeat, positive perspective, and she loves the way he makes her laugh! Will adds, “Heather has made me more aware of the needs of others in my life. She is focused on loving others and serving them despite their condition or what others might say about them; she truly lives out the command to love the least of these.” The two enjoy date nights at their favorite Dallas eateries (Indian and Mediterranean), taking scooter rides around the lake, or watching the sunset from the spot where Will proposed. Lastly, the pair adds, “We want to cultivate a marriage of togetherness and selfless sacrifice.”

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