Why Portrait Sessions Matter

Allie Harrington
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One of the things that most concerns clients when booking a photoshoot is the dreaded…price. The very word makes clients begin to wonder if it’s really worth it to pay for a session. Maybe it’s okay to go a few years without family photos, or to wait until your ideal weight or income level to have couples portraits done…right? Oh, how I wish I could sit down, heart-to-heart, and explain why portraits are something you’ll never, ever regret having. I’ve recently welcomed a new baby, and it’s pretty fresh on my mind that these moments are precious, and fleeting. Already, they’re moving too swiftly, it feels. I wanted to share a few reasons today about why portrait sessions truly are worthwhile and meaningful:

Portraits build your family’s story: Year by year, your family’s story changes a little bit. New jobs, grades, academic achievements…yearly portraits (or even every six months) show everyone’s personalities, and will remind you of big milestones that happened that year. The expressions, hairstyles, missing teeth for little ones, and fashion choices will be fun to look back on in years to come, and will be cherished for generations.

Portraits show your family’s (or your own) style: Yes, every family has their own style! I often see this represented in the outfits or locations chosen, and I try to incorporate that into the session when I design and plan it out. I love thinking of ways to make a photoshoot suit a family and their passions, and it’s one of the parts I enjoy the most. Some families even include pets or props in their shoots, and they’re always an extension of the family themselves.

Couple’s portraits help build a relationship: Busy parents often share that they haven’t had professional portraits done of just the two of them in quite some time. Maybe you’ve gained a little weight, or lost a few hairs, but I hope you take the time to get some photos of just the two of you. I always try to do so during family photos, but you can schedule a couple’s session anytime. Photos of the two of you, whether parents or not, can really bond you together, and create fun memories to look back on and share.

Photoshoots themselves can be a lasting memory: Before you shudder and think “a lasting memory of stress!”, please know that my shoots are very laid-back. Yes, we do some posing and try to get the dream photos you want, but I also want every shoot to be an experience, rather than a disaster. I hope your children and/or you can look back on a session with happiness and joy, knowing it was quality time with the ones they loved most.

These are just a few reasons why photos and the legacy they leave, are so important. I’d love to schedule a photoshoot with you when I am off maternity leave, and am happy to consult with you anytime if you have questions!