Why a First Look Session? Southern Oregon and Destination Wedding Photographer

Allie Harrington
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allieharringtonphotography-4183Brides these days have quite a few decisions to make when they are planning their dream day! From florals to dresses, it can be a flurry of information and stress. One of the big decisions that brides often bring up to me as a photographer, is whether or not to have a first look. Some of the blushing brides who meet with me want to go the traditional route, where their spouse sees them in their wedding finery as they come down the aisle. I think if this has been your dream, you should definitely go for it, but I also wanted to share three reasons why I personally love a first look opportunity before that big moment.

  1. Intimate moments and deep breaths: Your wedding day, no matter how hard you try, is a blur of joy and emotion. As much as you may want to savor it (and hopefully will), some things go by so quickly. A first look gives you a few minutes to truly take it all in, with your beloved, and have a time that is uniquely yours, without the pressure of heading down the aisle, trying not to trip (ha!), or having everyone’s eyes on you. Many brides describe this time as one of the most precious of their day.allieharringtonphotography-0858
  2. It’s your day! It can be quite easy to get caught up in the wishes and plans of everyone else. Your mom, mother in law, or friends (although they mean well) all have opinions about what you should or shouldn’t do. A first look can be something just for YOU.
  3. Timing: Whether you have a friend, a wedding planner, or an emcee helping keep things on track,  often time becomes a real factor in getting the photographs you want. Sometimes things run behind, which means those special and meaningful moments become a bit rushed. A first look makes sure the time is cleared for you to feel amazing in the dress that you’ve waited years to wear! And it ensures you’ll get all the special photos you’ve been hoping for, without the pressure of waiting guests after the ceremony.

If you are currently planning a wedding, I’d sure love to meet with you and hear about the things you are hoping for in your wedding photographer! I love building relationships with my prospective brides, and helping you capture your day with minimal stress and maximum memories!