What I Love About In-Home Sessions

Allie Harrington
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Tis the season for the great indoors, when the outdoors aren’t so welcoming as when they are filled with lovely light and warmer temperatures! It’s gray, cloudy, rainy and most winters are extremely cold here in the Pacific Northwest. I love a good indoor session where you can cuddle up with the one you love. It’s one of my favorite types of sessions and here’s just a few reasons why…

  1. Cuddles – really, i love having two lovebirds cuddled up with coffee, hanging on your own couch or bed, or making breakfast together in the kitchen. I like being in your space and in your reality. This is the place you call home, why not celebrate it?allieharringtonphotography-8766 allieharringtonphotography-8788-2allieharringtonphotography-8554allieharringtonphotography-6375-2 allieharringtonphotography-6371
  2. Intentional, time for YOU: So many of the married couples we know are rockstar parents, devoted to their families, and pour themselves out to serve and love others around them. Something that I love is giving parents a session to remember the moment they fell in love with their spouse. Even though the days of being a boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance/newlywed may be far behind you, it’s a delight to remind couples of why they love one another. They often remember things they are proud of on behalf of their spouse, or things that have made them stronger. A session creates the space for intentional time together and rich conversation. Head on over to the blog to meet the Gotzmans and hear their marriage chronicle. #themarriagechronicles #volume1 #couldtheybeanycuter?!
  3. Dance parties + smooches – Let’s face it, we’re going to have fun whether you want to or not. Spontaneous dance parties, smooches, hugs and even some piggyback rides may be in order, and have coaxed smiles from even the most wary subject. I love capturing couples just being their wild, calm, hilarious, down-to-earth, selves around one another, and believe a couples photoshoot doesn’t have to be stuffy, overly posed, or a stressful experience. Let’s laugh together.allieharringtonphotography-8952 allieharringtonphotography-8774 allieharringtonphotography-8955-2 allieharringtonphotography-8674 allieharringtonphotography-8626 allieharringtonphotography-8598Cheers to ONE year of marriage for these two. Check out their love story over on the Marriage Chronicles blog today (link in profile). I had the best time hearing about their joys, challenges and the ways they've grown. ❤️ . . #themarriagechronicles #marriagematters #couplesphotographer #destinationphotographer