TWO YEARS! Anniversary Session with Heather+Will

Allie Harrington
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Another session from gorgeous Bend, Oregon at Smith Rock State Park. If you’ve never been to that area, it has some seriously amazing views, and areas when you can watch rock climbers ascend the cliffs. It also has plenty of hiking trails and pretty fields, so its made for the ideal place to capture Heather and Will.

Yes, two years married, and these darlings are more precious than ever. I may be biased considering this is my sister and brother-in-law, but nonetheless, they are beyond stellar. I have to say I am pretty proud of this set-up, since they went from strangers at a wedding to being hitched! It is the biggest blessing and sweetest gift that I have siblings who are my built-in besties, and to have their spouses fit seamlessly into our family. Happy second anniversary, you two! Here’s to so many more!