Tortis Family | Baby Announcement in the Redwoods

Allie Harrington
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The arrival of a new baby is always an occasion to celebrate, but especially for this wonderful couple. I’ve counted Liz among my dearest friends for almost fifteen years. That connection made this shoot such a joy and a privilege. In late August, we met up for this shoot in the Redwoods…the majestic feeling of the Redwoods make them one of my favorite places to shoot, because the colors, textures, and height of the trees are unmatched. Bill and Liz brought along their adorable toddler Graham, who is now fifteen months old. I am such a sucker for those little toddlers, they have so much life and energy!
They scheduled this shoot to capture their little trio, but they are about to become a party of four! Bill and Liz met at church, where Liz shared, “It took the matchmaking skills of our mutual friends to help me slow down after meeting him, to realize that the most attractive man I had ever seen was in love with Jesus and interested in me! When he finally asked me on a date, I was so down!” She went on to share that she admires lots of things about her hubby, “He is just a man of his word! He is disciplined in everything, and he has a blast being a dad”. Together, you can find them usually enjoying the outdoors, going for long walks, having picnics in sweet little spots, and going away for weekending camping trips when they can. I love so much of what Liz shares, because her heart is so kind and filled with the Lord. “One thing the Lord has been teaching me has been that He is in control through pregnancy and motherhood”, she adds, “Worries and anxieties creep in, because I like to feel I have a handle on things that come my way. The verse in Psalm 3 helps settle my nerves and reminds me to trust God because in His goodness, He creates and sustains life”.
Bill, Liz, and little Graham cannot wait to welcome their newest family member. I know their joy will only be multiplied, and I am so excited to watch their journey continue. Liz, thanks for blessing me with the opportunity to do these images for your crew.