Tips For Traveling with a Baby

Allie Harrington
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When we had Rowan, we hoped to continue our love for travel. We knew that even at a young age, he could enjoy the fun and excitement of traveling, and we could make adjustments to make it enjoyable for all three of us! He’s been on 16 plane trips so far, and with each one, I have learned something new through trial and error (am I right, parents?!). I have been really grateful for the many people who have been so kind and understanding on each flight, and I have tried to pass candy out, smile, and chat…it goes a long way!

FOOD- Considering we were going out of the country, I knew I’d need to bring more food pouches because I couldn’t get them there AND I didn’t want him eating off of my plate at restaurants and chancing getting sick. I bought the Plum organic veggie packs that were a hit with Rowan. I also got the same brand but a few fruit and veggie mixes. It’s also nice to have teethers and puffs (I bought happy baby organic without any sugar) as a little snack and distraction on the plane or while we waited for food at restaurants.

PACIFIER- of course, this is an obvousi must have if your baby takes one. Bring an extra or two JUUUUST in case some go tumbling out and you lose them. I also bring along a bib that is so easy to wipe down and folds up nice and tiny. 

CATCH ALL POUCH-It was SO nice to have a little pouch I could put essentials in for easy access during the flight that fit in the seat pocket. I put wipes, a diaper or 2, chapstick, headphones, a paci, hand sanitizer (with a baby touching and putting ALL THE THINGS in their mouth, this is a must to wipe down surfaces), a spoon or other teething goodies (I had Camilla drops and copiaba oil on hand) and a food pouch just in case.

TOYS- so I had a few toys in my diaper bag that Rowan hadn’t seen before which made him much more interested. The things he found most interesting were a spatula (which equals a great teether), a squishy wine cork, my water cup after I finished with it, baggies, his sunglasses…Yes, all the non toy kind of toys. Oh his hairbrush is always a hit too. I bring a small book or two because he loves those right now.

CLOTHES- people say bring a change of clothes for you and your baby, but I don’t have that kind of room with all of the above junk. So, I bring a change of clothes for Rowan and hope that I don’t get pooped on (I can deal with pee). If you have room, bring along other clothes for you too, even if it’s just a tee.

FRONT PACK v. STROLLER if you have short connections, BY ALLLL MEANS wear that cherub. If you’ve got time in airports and know that you’ll need a stroller just gate check it, it’s worth having and being able to go to the bathroom and eat a meal.

BE PREPARED FOR THEIR LITTLE EARS TO HURT- If your breastfeeding- I find the only time Rowan tends to be bothered is the descent is at all ( all babies are different of course and sometimes their ears hurt on both the ascent and descent) so if he’s getting fussy then I feed him a bit or give him his paci. (PS: Take advantage of pre boarding. It’s nice to get settled before everyone is on the plane and your precious angel is grabbing everything they pass by, including handfuls of strangers hair!) Now, I haven’t been on international flights with Rowan, but I commend you if you’ve got that in the books.

What are your best travel tips?