This is Us // Life, Love and Transitioning to TWO boys

Allie Harrington
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I cannot even believe it, but here we are. FOUR of us.
This pandemic has been the pits, to say the least…with canceled plans, sickness, a slump in business, not being able to see our family members, and forest fires that ravaged our valley. The list could go on. 2020 can just go ahead and get the heck outta here, we’re just done! BUT, with all the sucky parts of the pandemic life, God has been kind to show us his goodness in the most unlikely places. Of course, the very best part of 2020 has been adding to our family our sweet little Ryder. He’s been the bright spot for us amidst a lot of heaviness. Transitioning from one to to kids was definitely overwhelming in the beginning, just as so many said it might be. The hardest part wasn’t the precious (easy) little baby, it was the big feelings of the FULL OF EMOTIONS two year old. He’s sweeter than sugar…until he’s not! He’s independent, loving, and a very spicy little guy. He’s got a kind heart and sweet soul, and we will survive this toddler age (maybe).
I’m a boy mom now, twice over! I feel so very blessed and grateful to have these two and their daddy in my life. Even when the days feel long and I am tired, I couldn’t be more thankful to be a family of four!