Then there were 3 (well, 4 because we must count Hank!) | Oregon Maternity Session

Allie Harrington
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Something Kelly and I have learned this last few months, is that you can’t truly prepare for being a new parent. Yes, you can read books, study up on the latest sleep and feeding methods, and buy all of the cute baby items (all of this is a good idea, by the way), but nothing prepares you for the way it feels to hold that brand new little one in your arms. You will wonder what in the world you are doing, why in the world they won’t stop crying, and if you’re even doing anything right. You will also wonder how your heart can hold so much love, because it’ll feel like it’s going to burst. Basically, what we’ve learned is you can’t know everything (or hardly anything) until that sweet babe arrives, and then you learn it all together, as a family. I am thrilled that these two (three because obviously, Hank is part of the family) are going to get to experience the amazingness of becoming parents pretty soon.

Adam and Ali (and Hank) are preparing to meet their baby boy, Delph, who is going to be seriously loved. They are practically giddy over getting to meet him, and I know that our kids will be forced friends! Ha! Cheers to thrifting for awesome baby gear, camping, adventuring, and sharing meals together…we can’t wait to do life with you all. Adam and Ali, you will both be such stellar parents, and I can’t wait to meet your lil’ peanut! We did this session at the beautiful Emigrant Lake in Ashland, Oregon, which is one of my favorite locations for it’s mix of mountain ranges and stunning water.

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