The Zimmermans // 11 Years And Counting// The Marriage Chronicles V. Three

Allie Harrington
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Like us, the Zimmermans are Oregon transplants. My husband and I have had the joy and privilege of meeting them, and to say that we appreciate them and their story, is totally an understatement. Our community is richer because they are in it. We adore these two, the way they love each other, and the way they parent their beautiful children. I think we can all be encouraged and learn something from this volume three of the Marriage Chronicles! I am knee-deep in this little photo series now, and I love gleaning the wisdom and laughter from couples who have all walked different journeys.

“We have been married eleven years”, explains Courtney, “We met right after I graduated from college, at a ranch I was working at for the summer. I was a huge fan immediately of Shawn’s thought process….he’s a pondered and big-picture-thinker. He is incredibly creative and is a do-er, which I am not, so I appreciate that.” Shawn adds, “I tell Court that it was love at first conversation! She wants to genuinely know people, and understand ideas, and she is never satisfied with surface-level anything!” He laughs, “and her long legs are pretty dang hot!”

These two are raising a full house of amazing kids, and Courtney says that although date nights are pretty rare, they love getting coffee together to talk about thoughts and ideas. “We also love to travel”, she says, “We don’t have many opportunities to travel together these days, but we pounce on any opportunity to try a new restaurant or see a concert or a show. This past weekend, we actually saw Hamilton, and it was such a high for both of us!”  In eleven years of marriage, the two have endured lots of life’s struggles and hardships, and they say, “We lived in Uganda for almost six years, where we experienced our share of health scares, two challenging and lengthy adoptions, and a lot of spiritual and emotional turmoil. Our first three years of returning to the US were the hardest on our relationship…we were desperately trying to survive a season of intense personal stress, and we reacted by pulling away, rather than moving together.” They both agree that this growing time has shaped their marriage, and helped them truly become one. Courtney says, “Shawn is very thoughtful, he rarely does anything without thinking it through, and he is always aware of other’s needs. He is raising our children to be generous and creative. I couldn’t ask for anything more!” Over their years together, Shawn says Courtney has taught him to be less serious, and how to just “be”.

I spent the day chasing children and chickens with these two, and admire their genuine, sincere love, and can’t wait to continue watching them do life so beautifully.  Thanks, Zimmerman clan, for allowing me into your lives. 


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