The Whitehills// Our Desire, God’s Journey

Allie Harrington
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These photos represent a difficult, yet hopeful journey for this couple. They represent strength, unshakable faith, and dreams for the future when all seems lost. I’m lucky enough to call these two my sister and brother-in-law.

For the past three years, they have been struggling with heartbreaking infertility. My sister shares, “We have been filled with disappointments and longings that have gone unmet. Month after month, we have been disappointed. We have worked with several doctors and specialists, and undergone countless procedures and exams to figure out what could be the root cause of our infertility. Each time, we hoped for answers. Each time, we were met with confusion and despair.” Despite all of these extreme challenges of this season, they have drawn closer, and feel that God has knit them together on a much deeper level than they could imagine.

“We never expected to go through this challenge, but we have a deeper understanding of God’s love for us as His children”, they continue, “Looking back over the last three painful years, we have seen and feel God’s loving hand with us, throughout this journey. While there still are no answers to our infertility, we know our true hope is in the Lord. Our identity is not in our abilities to carry biological children. We are so excited to move into this next season of our lives, and hopefully build our family through adoption. We have always wanted to adopt, and even talked about it on our second date”.

I am so proud of this pair, and their steadfast trust in the Lord. While the last three years have thrown them a challenge they didn’t anticipate or dream would be part of their journey, they’ve handled it with grace and peace. I cannot wait to see where God leads them next.