The Ogals | Dallas Texas Anniversary Session

What an honor and a privilege to do this amazing session!

Ashley and Stephen are two of my favorite people! Ashley is one of my best friends from college at Stephen F. Austin State University, and together with four other girls, we became the “nac-pack” (girls, you know who you are), which I totally just made up! We have been walking through life together ever since, through each season…including time when I was abroad, when she was abroad, and when we were both in Dallas. I was honored to get to watch her in Kuwait, loving and teaching some darling girls, and then I saw her walk down the aisle on her wedding day. The seasons have been hard. Good. Joyous.  We have been through it all. Stephen, her husband, is the love of her life. They met in Qatar years ago, and have been across the globe learning to do life together. From Qatar to Kuwait, to Kenya, and to Texas, they are a testament to God’s goodness and sovereignty. They are a gorgeous couple, both inside and out…Ashley is a spitfire, driven, outgoing and outspoken woman of Jesus, and she is so complemented by Stephen’s hard-working, steady, wise, and kind spirit. If you’re in Dallas, give them a hug, a high five, or just a smile…I guarantee they’ll love you back!

These photos can hardly capture what this girl means to me, but I hope it give you a glimpse into their incredible love story. Thank you Ashley and Stephen for loving me so well, too!

2015-10-22_0037 2015-10-22_0124 2015-10-22_0130 2015-10-22_01212015-10-22_0038 2015-10-22_0148
2015-10-22_0080 2015-10-22_0084

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