The Marriage Chronicles V. 8 // Cooper+Amber

Allie Harrington
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That first year of marriage? It can be a doozy. The first year can be exhilarating, beautiful, and hard. It can be filled with changes, hardships, and beauty that’s really incomparable. That amazing first year lays the groundwork for your marriage, and that’s why it was such an absolute joy to have a session with these two. They have exactly one year under their belts now, and spending time hearing about the journey they have taken in that year was a total joy. They are both stellar an filled to the brim with a love of life and of Jesus. Thanks you two, for being willing to be open with each other, and share how marriage has changed you for the better.

Amber began nursing school right after their marriage, and that came with financial and time stressors that the couple had to walk through. “Walking into such a scary season right after getting married forced us to trust in the Lord”, she explained, “The first six months were very hard, but the Lord is faithful. We have grown so much by learning to walk in faith this year. Cooper has a selfless, fierce love that truly embodies the way that Christ calls us to love on another. He puts my needs before his own, and believes the best way to find joy, is by putting Jesus first, others second, and himself last.” Her hubby had equally things to say, adding, “People instantly love Amber when they first meet her, because she has such a genuine heart. She is the most beautiful, genuine, real, and passionate girl I’ve ever met. She has changed me by just being who she is…She loves me, is so sweet, loves Christ ad holds me accountable. She pushes me to be a better man of God everyday.”

Change is inevitable when it comes to married life, and these two have taken on the changes with aplomb and grace. “Cooper never has complained once, even when we went from two incomes to one. His job is labor intensive, and it takes a toll on his body, but he takes pride in the fact that he has the privilege to provide”, says Amber, “When I am with him, I am the best version of myself. He is always encouraging me in everything I do, and has truly helped me draw closer to Jesus and allow my heart to be transformed. He’s taught me to be intentional about relationships and interactions.” I’m so proud of these two…they clearly value the other person, and help bring out their best qualities. Cooper also shared with me, “Amber is a hard worker, and someone who is just very passionate about Christ. She encourages me, pushes me to do things that are good for me, and respects me. Of course, she is also gorgeous! At the end of every day, even if we fight, we know that marriage is making us stronger and we try to learn more about each other.” These two are delightful, authentic, and wonderful. I’m so proud of you two.