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Allie Harrington
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In my recent travels to Dallas, I got to photography this amazing little family, the Jordans. They are the real deal…so full of love and kindness. This couple is just so inspiring, talented, and such amazing parents. Vivien and her man job are both working on some pretty amazing projects. You can visit Vivien’s page here, where you can see her absolutely stunning prints, cards, and custom lettering…I wish I had one of every single print she offers! They are hand crafted with a ton of love and so much talent and charm. Her husband Jon is also a gifted writer who is working on an upcoming book.

We got together in some of my favorite parts of Dallas (like Oddfellows), and her littles ran wild and free in the park. Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate the adorable combo of tiny overalls and topknots on their toddler…she is everything. And baby boy was not to be outdone, with his killer smile and very dapper wardrobe. What fun we had!

Thanks, Vivien and Jon, for letting me capture your sweet family in these portraits! I loved our day together.
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