The Gorgeous Bride | Austin Texas Bridal Photographs

Allie Harrington
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She’s married! Which means I can now share these beautiful images…I didn’t want to spoil her big moment with a sneak peek, but I’ve been so eager to get these on the blog. Introducing the newly-minted Mrs. Torti, formerly known as Liz Wilson, my college kindred spirit, and dear friend to this day. A few other friends joined us in Austin, Texas, and we gathered to celebrate the way she’s touched our lives, and the new chapter she’s beginning. We hiked up Mt. Bonnell, thanks to Ashley, who thought this location might be just right, and the light was golden.

What are bridal photographs? It’s a session with just the bride-to-be! Hair? Check. Makeup? Check. Gorgeous dress? Of course. She even had a bridal crew along for the ride, to help fluff the dress, adjust her hair carry the train, and hold that stunning bouquet. It was an honor to be with her and the other kind and gracious souls that joined us that day, and I couldn’t be happier for the new Mrs. Torti!

Would you like a bridal session of your own? Let’s be honest; that gorgeous gown is too amazing to just wear once! Bridals are a low-stress, celebratory way to get individual photographs without the nerves and overwhelming events of the wedding day. I love doing them, and I’d love to do a bridal shoot for you! Contact me HERE!

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