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Allie Harrington
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First of all, let’s just say that new life is such a beautiful, miraculous thing! Women growing little humans in their bellies is incredible, and I hope this miracle always fills me with wonder. Meet Sadie, Alex, and their little girls. This family is precious to my husband and I…they make us laugh harder than I can tell you, they have such refreshing personalities, and they make life a whole lot more fun. Their journey to add this little man to their family was not easy, but it is a beautiful story. “We were shocked to find out we were expecting again, and it took some time to wrap our minds around adding another baby to our family”, explains Sadie, “We had every emotion in the books, but we are very thankful. Much of this pregnancy was out of my control, physically and emotionally, and I had to learn to rest and trust the Lord. I am certain God had that plan so we could fall that much more in love with our son when he arrived. Everything we overcame and accomplished while we were pregnant was all for him, and we sure do love him. I would go through it all over again knowing I would be meeting him.”

Liam Isaac was welcomed joyfully by his two big sisters, Lucy and Ellie, and they love being “little mamas” to their baby brother. Sadie and Alex say that Psalm 139 was an encouragement throughout this pregnancy, adding, “We are thrilled to add a son to our family; a strong protector & fighter for Christ. We are so excited to raise this man up to know Christ and love Him. My husband cannot wait to take him camping, hiking, and fishing… you know, all the man stuff. We feel so very blessed to have three beautiful children, and of course, we love those amazing newborn snuggles”.

Thank you, Cummings family, for letting me be the one to capture such a precious season for y’all. Cheers to your darling little Liam and the mighty world changer he will be.

Love y’all more than Anthropologie (which is saying a lot).

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