Tea Party for Three | Collaborations

Allie Harrington
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Little girls are SO fun! What little girl hasn’t dreamed of a tea party under huge oak trees with their friends?? We brought this dream to life for free lucky little girls on a beautiful day, and thanks to our partnership with the Party Gallery.

Based in Southern Oregon, the Party Gallery is a new resource for everything you may need, including event rentals, party styling, and even a professional resource for artists. Angie Galpin, Erica Gouttala and Jennifer McRae have the most beautiful, one-stop-shop for your special events, parties, anniversaries, weddings and beyond. They have rentals that will add the perfect touch to your special day. Rentals give you the look of luxury and the room to plan and dream without paying for items you may not use again…it’s the perfect solution to event styling!

For this sweet little shoot, we had three darling models who were truly having the time of their lives playing, pretending, and being with their friends (and their beautiful moms). The Party Gallery provided the most eclectic and lovely pieces for their special tea party, and look at that spread! The goodies were perfect and pretty, and I might have snagged a few myself!

Please visit their site for more information!

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