Snowshoeing Adventures {You’ve gotta try it}

Allie Harrington
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Let’s start off by saying who in the world would have thought an always-freezing, hate to be cold Texan would love the snow SO much?! Well, turns out I do. I love snow shoeing which was this days adventure with our dear friends. Turns out ANYONE can snowshoe, it’s something us not so successful winter sport people can do, and still get a good workout. I love, love, love being surrounded by such beauty, it fills me with joy…getting to see the Lord’s beauty in creation. Snow feels so peaceful. Kelly and I love most things outside, so getting to do things like this is a must for us. It’s even more fun when you get to bring friends along that have never tried it!

So here we are: my dad, sweet Amanda Lu, the Diaz clan and my hubba-hubba husband. All it takes to have a great snow shoe adventure is…snowshoes (we snagged ours from Costco), snow gear, an idea of where you want to hike (we LOVE Union Creek and tried Fish Lake this round), a good attitude, snacks on snacks, hand/foot warmers if you’re a weenie like me, and you may as well throw in some wood to make fire in the snow! Next time we will definitely be packing some hot cocoa…because that just goes splendidly with a fire in the snow.

More snowy adventures to come on the blog!

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