Reasons to do a Couple’s Session

Allie Harrington
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As we start to ease up out of quarantine here in Southern Oregon, it’s hard to imagine what life will look like. We have been home with our loved ones for months now, and it seems so strange to think about going back to “normal” life. But one thing that you simply can’t put off is photos. While time has crept by during this strange pandemic (and life will still look strange for a bit), our kids and our families have kept on growing. I can’t wait to get back to doing family sessions again (when it’s safe to do so), but I wanted to share some reasons why a couple’s session in particular is so special:

-It is something just for the two of you: Whether you have children or not, you know time to yourself is rather rare. Work, schedules, sports, kids, and various commitments make life move by fast, and many couples go several years without having photos of just the two of them.  Taking the time to do so is something you will never regret, and it can strengthen your bond to be able to look back on them!

-It makes for a beautiful gift: There is nothing better to receive than the gift of family photos, especially when money is tight, and it’s a luxury that you haven’t splurged on for awhile. A photoshoot is a great fit for a loved one (husbands, give one to your wives and become an instant hero!). I’ve been a part of lots of lovely surprise sessions, or ones that were gifted, and it always makes my heart so happy. Consider giving a shoot to each other, grandparents, or your spouse. 

-It is an excuse for a date day: Whether you are leaving little ones at home or not, a photo session can be a a special date. After all, you are dressed up, feeling like a million bucks, and already heading out. Why not add in a nice date at a restaurant, or a mini road trip after your shoot? You’ll notice some of my sessions are tagged “adventuring with Allie” because I love venturing into the woods, to a waterfall, or to a lake with my clients. Once our shoot is done, enjoy some time together! 

If your last photos were your engagement or wedding photos, it may be time to consider a couple’s session. We can do lifestyle, in-home sessions, or adventure out to a location of your choosing. I can’t wait to see my clients again soon!