Preparing for Baby Jack | Pech Family Oregon Session

Allie Harrington
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This family will soon be welcoming their sweet son in the world! You actually met Shane’s brother in our last blog (Ryan and Hannah), and what a special thing that they will have children so close in age! I’m sure they will be best friends.
I met up with these two for a truly “Oregon” session in the woods, and they were total champs, hiking and adventuring to find just the right spots, filled with stunning trees and beautiful mountains. They hadn’t had professional family photos done since their wedding (over 8 years ago), and it was the perfect time to mark this new chapter in their lives. Little John (Jack) Michael is deeply loved already, and all of their friends and family are eagerly anticipating the way their lives will change with his arrival. Shane and Jennah met in 2008, at Seattle Pacific University, where they both attended. Jennah shared with me that she loves that Shane is, “so witty, brilliant, eager to help or to serve others, and is so very loyal!” As a family (soon to be a trio), they love watching sports, having deep political discussions, and enjoying their favorite comedy shows.
Although they cannot wait to meet their son, the road to becoming parents has been challenging at times. Jennah and Shane experienced a loss through miscarriage before becoming pregnant with Jack, something that was heartbreaking and difficult. “I think being pregnant after a miscarriage, and also having Type 1 Diabetes, during a global pandemic, has been humbling”, explains Jennah, “…and strange! Frightening, for sure, and it has been a true test for me to trust in God. We have had to communicate openly with friends and family about our needs, fears, and hopes, and I’ve had to ask for prayer from many more people. I have felt very real, valid fears during this pregnancy, but also have been bolstered by the loving prayers and intentions of others.” She also adds that she is so honored to be her son’s first “home”, and having the opportunity to love and care for him brings her to tears. “We are looking forward to holding him, being able to relax a little more with the COVID restrictions, and being able to have a more tangible relationship to him (for Shane, since he hasn’t gotten to go to their OB appointments)”, she continues, “I am also an open book about my experiences with pregnancy, and if any other mamas need to chat, I’m here!”
Jennah’s loving spirit and caring personality are just a few of the things that will make her an incredible mother. I feel so lucky to be their neighbor and their friend, and honored to be their maternity photographer. When our lives intertwined before we were able to have children, we used to meet weekly to talk about the longing in our hearts to have a family, and we would pray together. I am so thankful that I was able to take these photos, and I can’t wait to meet their beautiful son.