Pelayo Family | Winter Photos on Roxy Ann Peak

Allie Harrington
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How wonderful is this trio?
I can’t say enough about this family, and how awesome they are. Bria has helped maintain my mane for a few years, and I always leave her chair feeling like a new woman, inside and out! She is life-giving and a really beautiful person, not to mention a devoted mama. I’m grateful for her artistry in the hair world, and love that we have gotten to connect and share our passions  with one another.
Roxy Ann is one of the best locations here in Southern Oregon, and it gives the look of hiking way up in the mountains while being just a few minutes from the city. This makes it ideal for parents of tiny ones, who can’t do a day of hiking or adventuring as easily (while still looking photo-ready 🙂 I loved getting to share my love of this little mountain peak with these lovely folks, and I promise all the smiles you see here are genuine!