Noonday Collection | Summer Shoot

Allie Harrington
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This is the second year I’ve gotten to do a Noonday Collection shoot, and I absolutely loved every minute…I’m already looking forward to the next time! These ten women were a joy to be with, and I loved capturing their beauty, style, and hearing their stories of how they are connected to Noonday. It was an evening blessed with the perfect sunlight, tons of laughter, and getting to know these world-changers.

Noonday Collection is a fashion-forward, socially responsible company that seeks to help spark change around the globe through their fair-trade collaborations with local artisans. They create dignified, empowering jobs for those who need them around the world, and then they expand their reach through their ambassadors in the US. Their ambassadors are every-day women who become stylists, storytellers and entrepreneurs, and help spread awareness about the need for sustainable jobs in other countries. The company is also passionate about helping families adopt, and have celebrated and supported many families in the adoption process. Best of all, they do this through their beautiful, highly-curated, and stylish jewelry that you’ll want to wear every single day! I love this piece, handmade with love in Peru. It’s truly fashion you can feel great about!

For more about this world-changing company, and their important work, beautiful jewelry (they also carry bags and accessories), or their mission, please click here.

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