Mom+Me Sessions

Allie Harrington
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When it comes to documenting moments in our lives, I encourage every client to take it seriously. I don’t mean to sound melodramatic, but family or children’s photos are something that you will never regret, and something that I hear many regrets about missing.
“It’s been years since we did family photos!”
“My kids are so grown-up, and I never did family photos when they were small”
“We haven’t done photos since they were babies”
“I didn’t want to do photos until I lost weight, and then the time had passed”
“We couldn’t ever afford family photos”
I understand. And every mother can resonate with these thoughts…including me. But, I did a recent set of sessions that hopefully took out some of those barriers. I hosted Mother’s Day photoshoots, with a gorgeous neutral backdrop, and invited moms to book a small shoot with their sweet littles. What happened was truly magical. We were able to see that sweet bond between mommas and their babies, and I hope they treasure these images for years to come. I hope they are all able to look back with joy at this irreplaceable moment in their lives, and know how special it was. Time really does fly, and those little cheeks and toes and hands will change all too fast. If you haven’t booked children’s or family photos in awhile, now is the time. Don’t wait.