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Allie Harrington
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Have ya’ll been to Joshua Tree National Park? It’s pretty amazing, and this couple’s sunrise shoot there was something special. The park has jaw-dropping views, beautiful scenery, and plenty of adventure in store, and was the perfect place for this refreshing couple. Michael and Staci met up with me at the Heck Yeah Photo Camp, and I loved getting to meet them and spend some sweet time together. I appreciated their individual personalties, and as a couple, they’re wonderful. We were right on the same page with our random jokes and humor, which filled our shoot with laughter and fun. The most outstanding thing about both of them is their love for each other, which shines through in these rugged, yet beautiful photos.

We got up bright and early to capture the sunrise, and it was so worth it. I’m still itching to get back to this spot with more couples! With couples, sometimes the slightest posing changes and coaching can make a big difference; you’ll see lots of poses below in their session images. Changing things and lending lots of movement can keep sessions youthful, unique, and genuine.

Michael and Staci, thanks for your brilliant personalities, your laughter, humor, and genuine care for people. Keep on keepin’ on and please don’t stop loving people so well.

You can find them on Instagram: @michaelgiroux and @stacigiroux

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