Meet Sophie // Senior Squad//Union Creek

Allie Harrington
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Sophie is such a precious young lady. I had a great time celebrating her senior year with her at beautiful Union Creek, and am so grateful that she trusted me to capture this season in her life. She is filled with joy, and it’s truly contagious to everyone around her! She’s graduating from Cascade Christian High School, and is eager to enter the medical field in college. “I’ve always been interested in helping people”, she explained, “Nursing gives me the ability to do so. My grandfather passed away from cancer a few months ago, and it really made me want to become a nurse; the nurses he had helped him as much as they could.” Losing her grandfather was very challenging, because he was one of her biggest heroes. “He was funny, loving, and caring. Through all his treatments, he found a way to stay positive, and always knew how to make me laugh. He made me realize how I want to live my own life, and what truly matters”, she adds. Sophie hopes her classmates remember her as someone who was there when they needed help, or had a question, and she says her best trait is her honesty. When she has free time, she enjoys being with her friends, and is looking forward to soaking up the time before she heads off to begin her college life. 

One of her biggest challenges has been overcoming her knee problems. She has had two surgeries and lots of physical therapy, and is recovering from her most recent surgery three months ago. She said dealing with the chronic pain has taught her a new type of patience and perseverance, and adds that things always happen for a reason, even when you don’t understand. 

Thank you, sweet girl, for allowing me to come alongside you in this way! What a true privilege to be your senior photographer. I wish you all the best as you pursue your nursing degree, and know that God has amazing and beautiful plans for you!