Meet Jordan// Senior Squad 2020 // Del Rio Vineyards

Allie Harrington
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Life has many chapters. Some of them you don’t want ever to end, while some are so tough you just can’t wait until the page turns over. Jordan is currently in a great chapter of life, even if it is a bit busy. She’s graduating from Cascade Christian School, and she’s excited about what’s next!

For her senior session, we visited the Del Rio Vineyards and I loved getting to take in all of its beauty while capturing Jordan’s gorgeous smile! She is an absolute ray of sunshine, and an amazing picture of hard work. When she’s not studying hard for school (be it for high school or for her college classes), she’s raising show pigs and sheep for 4H, or working her job as a barista. In her free time, you can catch her biking, doing math, and relaxing with her friends. After high school, she plans on earning her degree in Environmental Health, and from there getting her master’s or doctorate in Epidemiology. With her work ethic, I know it won’t take her long!

When I asked Jordan about her greatest achievements, she said, “I don’t have flashy awards, but that’s okay. My greatest achievement is my GPA. I’ve held a 4.0 and made Honor Roll every year, while at the same time holding down a job, 4H, college classes, and general life. Somehow I manage to not only keep it all together, but to be successful as well!” Jordan’s work ethic is inspiring, and I loved getting to capture her energetic spirit in her session. She wanted to capture this chapter in her life because she knows it’s about to change big time. This isn’t just for her parents, it’s for her to look back on while she’s hard at work years from now.

Jordan, you’re gorgeous to the core and I’m beyond thrilled for all that is in store for you this year and in your next chapter of life. Thanks for being a part of my senior squad this year!