Meet Jaden | Senior Squad 2020

Allie Harrington
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Oh, Jaden. Whoa. You have such a natural “I’m not even really trying” kind of beauty. But it runs deeper than just your appearance, and permeates into your personality. You are effortlessly kind and gracious, and warm and calming. Your laid back personality and big heart truly impressed me. I think anyone in life would benefit from having you as a friend! Jaden enjoys being out in nature, especially camping, snowboarding, fishing and exploring. Her excitement about life and her sense of adventure are two of my favorite things about her. One of her biggest accomplishments to date has been getting her first job, and purchasing her first car!
Her next steps after graduation include entering the RCC nursing program, and becoming part of the medical field. She really loves helping people, and studying is something she enjoys and is excellent at. I know her caring spirit will benefit the patients she comes into contact with. Among her other favorite things are country music, watching Grey’s Anatomy, and drinking coffee. When it comes to personal style, she has a very simple yet eclectic one, and wanted to wear cute, simple outfits for her session. She is just a beauty inside and out, and I am so thankful I got to be her senior photographer!