Meet Grace// Senior Squad 2020 // Lake of the Woods

Allie Harrington
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Beauty can be both natural and cultivated. Grace’s beauty is a gorgeous mixture of both, combining her natural good looks with her eclectic and inspiring sense of style. I love the energy Grace brings to everything she does. In high school, she’s active in soccer, tennis, and her school’s annual dance off. When she’s got some free time, you can find her hiking, wake surfing, running, dancing, or out having adventures with her friends. She loves to travel, and she loves to work, which is a great combo.

For her senior session, Grace took us up to Lake of the Woods to explore her home away from home. It was so fun to capture her energetic spirit while I listened to her recall so many of her childhood memories out here in the woods. It’s been her escape, and having her senior session out in a place so important to her allowed me to capture Grace as she really is, at her core. These woods will surely be missed as Grace graduates, but they will always hold a special place in her heart. After graduating, Grace plans on moving to California, and going to cosmetology school in Westwood. She loves everything fashion and beauty, drawing inspiration from movies like The Devil Wears Prada. The goal is to get her license for “everything in beauty”, as she says, and open up her own salon and start her own brand. I love Grace’s ambition, and with her drive and energy, I’m sure she’ll get there!

Grace, you’re so lovely. You’re funny, you’re determined, focused and independent. I know you’re ready to flap those wings and fly out of the nest!