Maternity Dresses for Your Shoot

Allie Harrington
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Choosing a flattering maternity dress can be a difficult task, especially if you feel less-than-glamorous. For those who have difficult pregnancies, it feels like you spend the entire time throwing up, gaining weight, or waddling around. No matter how joyous the arrival of the baby (and OH, it is joyous!!!), pregnancy can be hard, and some women feel like a maternity shoot is the last thing they want to do. I really encourage you to think about the purpose of the session: it’s time you can never get back, and time you’ll want to remember. Some women look back, and wish they had done photos, even if they felt “large and in charge” during their pregnancy. Trust me, when the baby arrives, you will treasure those memories and associate them with the baby, not the challenges! Here are some beautiful dresses that will make you feel confident and beautiful for your maternity shoot:

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-Pink Blush has a number of pretty maternity dresses, for an affordable price. Some are lightweight fabrics, and may not last for your entire pregnancy as far as quality, but they are ideal for a one-time session (and maybe a baby shower). This knee-length polka dot dress is classic and elegant, and flattering on many body types. It also pairs nicely with almost anything your significant other may choose, as well. Buy it HERE.

-Old Navy is another great choice for something budget-friendly, although their quality is a touch higher. Their jersey dresses in particular are thick and forgiving, and they don’t show wrinkles even when theyre folded in a drawer. This knee length, body con maternity dress is PERFECT for the expecting mommy, and looks great for a shoot, a baby shower, or just for running errands and feeling put-together. Buy it HERE.

-Seraphine Maternity is a high-end maternity boutique, but they have beautiful dresses. If you want to find something that’s more elegant, and will last through multiple pregnancies (their styles are very classic and not as trendy), this would be your best bet. Count on spending closer to $100 on a dress, but they are soft, beautiful, and lasting fabrics that flatter in an amazing way! Something like this very pretty black sheath will give you a maternity look that you won’t forget. Purchase it HERE.

-Looking for something more unique? A boho style maternity dress will give you Free People vibes, and this look is very trendy right now. Look for something white or cream for a neutral, Instagram-worthy ensemble. Bonus: a flowing dress will help any area you may feel insecure about, so that you feel confident and stylish. Etsy is one of my favorite places where you can find a very special dress and support a small business at the same time. Check out some maternity dresses HERE.