Marriage Chronicles // David+Lindsay

Allie Harrington
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When I do a giveaway, I obviously never know who is going to win the session, but I love getting to meet the couple or family. And boy, did I luck out with these two gorgeous people! David and Lindsay are the sweetest, and pup Josie rounds out their little family. 

This couple met when they were in high school, but they began dating in college. Lindsay jokes, “I fell in love with him when we were in high school, but he didn’t know I existed!” They’ve been together for eleven years, and married for four. They are active and feel most at home in the great outdoors. “We love any activity that involves water”, adds Lindsay, “going to the rivers and lakes, kayaking, paddle boarding, and rafting are some of our favorites. We love mountain biking and have recently begun backpacking. We are so happy to live in this area, where we can enjoy all of these activities in such a close proximity. We also enjoy cooking great food together, traveling, and spoiling our little doggy!”. Lindsay recently graduated from nursing school and passed her NCLEX exam, so these photos also mark a huge milestone for career and their family. 

After eleven years of marriage, these two have learned a lot! They shared, “We have learned to stay on the same team. We approach problems and challenges as a team, and we trust that we have each other’s best interests at heart. We try to be on the same team even when we disagree, and we value growth and learning.” David says, “My favorite thing about Lindsay is how sweet and kind she is. She has a sense of adventure that pushes me out of my comfort zone. When we travel, it is usually to a country that I wouldn’t have thought of, and I am always happy with it!”. Lindsay loves his sense of humor, that he sings around the house, and that he is “the nicest human I have ever met”. 

They told me they felt like they were really just on a date during their session, and I couldn’t have been more pleased! I always want my couples to feel at home and relaxed with each other, and me!