Lucas+Amy// Year One// The Marriage Chronicles V. 4

Allie Harrington
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“When people asked my grandmother how they made it work for seventy-one years,
she would reply “you just stay married”. That may sound trivial or unromantic, but I
think it speaks to a deep truth about commitment. Even through really difficult things,
that is how any marriage survives.” -Amy 

Welcome to volume four of the marriage chronicles. If you’ve been following along, you know that this series is a personal project that I wanted to do to encourage marriages everywhere, by showing couples at different stages of life. I think there is something to learn from every season of marriage, whether you are a newly-wed, or a veteran, and it’s been a joy to document the strong and brave couples that I’ve met so far. Amy and Lucas are just one year in, but they’re wise and kind, and so much fun! When I was in Dallas recently, I got to mark their one year anniversary with this shoot. Amy is the artist behind Years of Gold, which specializes in telling the stories of the elderly to preserve for future generations. She is an artist and creative through and through, and I loved hearing her heart.

“My favorite thing about Lucas is…well, thats tough! I love so much about him, but I guess the thing that I love most is his consistency”, she explains, “It’s a rare thing these days, and I know I can always count on him, and he is a man of his word. He has taught me how to let go and truly live differently by enjoying even the ordinary days, and the ordinary moments. It was so contrary to our culture and to how I operated before we got married.” Lucas says he loves the way that Amy is always up for adventures, but also is highly content, adding proudly, “Amy loves people and things that are genuine. She has worked really hard on her business, and has taken great care of the house, even during our remodel.” During their first year of marriage, the pair learned how to work as a team, and both say, “We had differences in the way that we processed things, and we had to learn to always assume the best about the other person.”

When they’re not working, or tackling their home remodel, they enjoy date nights over delicious food and wine. They are reading the classic “Pilgrim’s Progress” together, and Amy says they have some big travel plans to come: “We want to head to Australia sometime before we have kiddos. We love traveling and typically enjoy the same things – history, architecture, natural beauty, good food, and different cultures.” Through our conversations and sessions, it became clear that they really complement each other, something Lucas says has been a welcome change. “Amy fills in the gaps where I tend to be pretty stoic, even boring! Without my wife, I would just keep to myself and be consumed by work and hobbies.” Amy echoes his sentiment, and thoughtfully says, “He really is different than me, and is exactly what I needed. I’m so proud of the way that he pursues truth in scripture. He enjoys learning and absorbing God’s word, and people really respect him because he is a man of truth.” What a joy to get to photograph these two in their element and at home, and I hope you see the love and connection they have.

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