Love Stories | Hannah and Rousseaux

The greatest love stories are the ones that have made it through fire. The ones that have held on through the hard times, the times when it would be easier to hide than to cling to each other. But then, they emerge stronger. More beautiful. Lovely and sweet, full of hope and inspiring the people around them. This is one of those couples. Hannah and Rousseaux were married three and a half years ago, and though their story hasn’t been easy, it’s an inspiration for every married couple. Twelve years ago, Hannah was diagnosed with ITP. It is a blood disorder that causes low platelets and excessive bruising and bleeding…it’s caused their lives to be filled with Dr. visits, treatments, and ER visits. “For 7 years I have dealt with seizures from my meningitis. And this past year I was diagnosed with a heart disease called POTS which has been pretty debilitating. I leave next month for the Mayo clinic and am hoping help comes from that”, says Hannah, “Having a best friend by my side during this has been such a blessing. Rousseaux always makes me laugh and is always there to encourage me the hope I have in Jesus.”

Though we are new friends, I loved my time with them, and was so impressed with their hearts and their strength despite such difficult health struggles. They are deeply in love, with each other, and most of all, have an unwavering faith in Jesus. “I cling daily to the verse about the joy of the Lord being my strength. I try to make it mine”, adds Hannah, “It is so beyond wonderful to be married. We love going on drives, listening to music and just enjoying each other. Date nights in Ashland are a plus too!” For their session, we headed into the woods (adventures with Allie, remember??), and took these beautiful portraits of the two of them. I feel so honored to have been their photographer, and cannot wait to capture them again someday!


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