Kelli+Ryan’s Snowy Engagement Session

Allie Harrington
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These two have been together for five years, but you’d think it was much longer. They are precious, kind, and lovely people, and perfectly suited to one another. Recently, Ryan surprised Kelli with a proposal at Disneyland, and they met up with me after the holidays to capture their engagement season! They were hoping for snow, and we were so pleased to find some in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Kelli and Ryan are very active, and enjoy being in the great outdoors, so this was the perfect setting. “We love doing things like camping, fishing, shooting, snowboarding, and being with our dog Murphy”, explains Kelli, “We also love going to the movies together, and chowing down on popcorn…and of course, taking naps!” The pair met when Ryan moved from Washington to Southern Oregon, and landed next door to one of Kelli’s god friends. When she came home for Christmas break, they two crossed paths while watching one of the big college bowl games, and she adds, “I noticed him immediately!” The two struck up a fast friendship, and began dating the following summer.

The two endured three years of distance between them while dating, and say that time really strengthened communication and trust. The challenges helped them build a solid foundation for a relationship. Kelli says her favorite thing about Ryan would be his servant’s heart, which he displays daily as a first responder (firefighter), and says, “He is so selfless, always willing to help others, and to serve anyone around him.” Ryan says he loves Kelli’s appreciation for the simple things in life, her perseverance in difficulty, and her love for Jesus above all. The two both agree that their top three values in their relationship and future marriage would be faith, love and trust. With many years of memories between them, they had a hard time choosing a favorite, but their Disneyland proposal definitely tops the list!

We had chilly temps, but hearts willed with warmth and love (Yes, I know that’s cheesy, but it’s Valentines Day!). I loved meeting this couple, and celebrating their engagement!