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Allie Harrington
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It’s prom season! I love when we go to dinner and happen to run into the high schoolers who are dressed up for prom…they are all so excited and happy, and it’s such a special time in their lives. Prom portrait are becoming more and more popular these days, and it makes sense. After all, you go to all the work of finding that perfect dress, often adding hair and makeup…it’s the perfect time to do professional portraits. You’ll be so glad you didn’t settle for phone snapshots or selfies!

For this session, we did prom photos with a twist! We added gorgeous, vintage style furniture to our shoot, courtesy of The Party Gallery in Medford, and they lent extra glamour and fun. What senior girl wouldn’t want such a stylish shoot? And, it is the perfect time to gather up your friends and do a group shoot.

Head on over to Party Gallery to find some amazing pieces to rent that might fit you and your friends or any of your other party needs.

For more information on booking your own prom shoot, click here.
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