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Allie Harrington
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Griff and Molly clearly aren’t your average couple…I mean, look how photogenic and cool they are, for starters. They are super stylish, adventurous, and head-over-heels in love with each other. Their love story started as a high school friendship, and it was the beginning of that they had no idea would be love and life together. Right now, they are rocking their long-distance relationship and the challenges that come with it. I’m so excited for them to enter into a new season, filled with the highs and lows, for the realities of choosing to love a human despite their shortcomings.

I know I’ve mentioned their amazing style already, but they chose some of the best outfits! Molly looked stunning in a simple button downs and jeans, and she added the coolest tassel earrings as a pop of color (find similar ones here). Their other ensembles were just as polished and modern, with just a touch of bohemian fun. They are precious.

Thank you, Molly and Griff, for putting up with my sometimes-ridiculous requests, and absolutely killin’ it out in the woods with me. I had such a blast chasing the sunset with both of you. Cheers to engagement and your marriage to come!

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