Five Things to do Before Your Senior Session

Allie Harrington
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If you’re a parent of a junior in high school, or even an upcoming senior, you probably are hesitant to even be THINKING about the senior shoot. But, take it from me, that senior session comes faster than you realize, and it’s never too early to begin preparing. Springtime is a great time to begin booking your shoot, and finding the photographer you love. Here are five things that you can do before the big day rolls around:


  1. Get on a photographer’s schedule
    Many seniors envision getting and booking their senior photos sometime in the fall of the year they graduate. This is a very busy time for photographers in the valley, so the sooner you get on the books, the better you can plan out all the details of your amazing, adventure filled shoot. From the location, time of day, outfits and more. Booking early will increase your chances of getting the dates you want, and will also allow you to save and budget for the session you’re truly envisioning.
  2. Plan your outfit/styling
    Giving yourself time to shop, plan, budget and dream is one of the best advantages of booking very early on. When senior girls show up in a last minute, thrown together outfit, many times they don’t feel confident and comfortable (even though I think they look stunning). Planning ahead is always a recipe for success. Identify your personal style or a few pieces that you love as soon as you get your session booked!
  3. Plan the time of year
    Some of you LOVE the summer (my personal favorite), some of you love the fall or even the winter. Planning and booking your photographer ahead provides time for your images to be returned in plenty of time to have them submitted. Most senior photos are due in December, but some this year have even needed to be turned in by November for yearbooks, graduation announcements, and more. Lastly, planning ahead not only helps you plan financially, but when you are looking for a photographer last minute it’s easy to look for the cheapest deal, which doesn’t always equate to the best product. This is your ONLY senior year of high school, make it the best!
  4. Book your hair + makeup artist
    Plenty of makeup artists in the valley have full summers due to weddings and events, so to snag the MUA you love, I help you get you session booked with them so that your session is it’s very best it can be and YOU feel like a million bucks. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love getting pampered and having someone else do your hair and makeup? Southern Oregon has plenty of talented MUA’s (makeup artists), as well as an abundance of hairstylists who can do everything from beachy waves to boho braids.
  5. Watch the Stress Melt Away
    Let’s be honest; senior year is sprinkled with so many activities. The last thing you want is to feel deadlines approaching only to realize you’ve got lots to do in so little time. Planning ahead and booking your photographer lets you and your parents stress less, which means all the more time to enjoy every single bit of your final year of high school. Take the college visit trips you’ve imagined, enjoy vacation days, and get that senior project done, without the worry of senior photos that aren’t booked yet.