Five Cool New Items for Moms with Littles

Allie Harrington
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Hi Mamas! I know this past year has been tough, and if you’ve been home with toddlers like me (one toddler and one baby, to be exact), you’re always looking for great new products or ideas to help entertain your littles. I’m somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to all the “baby” stuff, but there are a few things that are worth taking up space in your home, and that are truly useful! Here are five of the best new(ish) things on the market (some of these aren’t new, but are ones that I have recently discovered!):

-The SlumberPod: Okay, how many of us have had to travel with a little baby in a pack in play? I am guessing all of us. And if you’ve ever shared a hotel room with a baby who is staring right at you while they cry, you know that a little, safe divider so baby can rest would be helpful. The slumber pod creates a breathable “room” that slips over the pack n play that allows the baby to safely move, breathe, but not necessarily see you right next to them! Ha! Find it HERE!

-The Mushie Snack Holder: I may or may not have been influenced into buying these by…Influencers. But they are so cute, and so much cuter than the regular little snack holders. They are reusable, and they come in a range of cute, muted colors that are stylish. They also don’t spill as easily as a ziplock back or regular snack bowl. To wash, you can just rinse and wipe them down with soap and water, and let them air dry. Find them HERE.

-The Skip Hop Table: This little activity bouncer thing is a real lifesaver when baby is not quite walking or crawling. They love it! But the best part is that it transforms into a darling little minimalistic table! You can even buy matching chairs for it. It’s maximum bang for your buck at around $90, and can last from four or five months old up until the toddler years. To turn it into a table, you just take the toys off and store them and slap the middle section on top! Viola! Find it HERE.

-Hatch sound machine and nightlight: This little sound machine is a little bit bougie 😂 but it’s pretty darn great. It’s pretty, innovative, and elegant. I love that you can control it from your smartphone, and that it casts a nice soft light that you can turn on or off without sneaking back into the baby’s room while they are sleeping. It’s definitely expensive, more than a nightlight you’d get at Target, but it also does much more than a regular one. Find it HERE.

-Artifact Uprising board book: Okay, how great is this?! This adorable board book template allows you to upload your photos and make a book for your baby filled with the people they love. I love this company already for their gorgeous, heirloom quality prints and products, but this is a great option to either give as a gift, or make for your baby! I kinda want about a dozen of them! They are a bit pricier than a regular baby book, at around $30, but would be the cutest, customized creation. Of course, if you need new family photos to use for this book, you know who to call 😉 Find the book template HERE.

What’s your favorite new product for parents? Let me know in the comments!