Five Adorable Ways to Document Monthly Milestones!

Allie Harrington
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I couldn’t help but share some of these darling ways to document the months (that pass all too quickly) with a new baby. As a new mama myself, the subject has been fresh on my mind, and I am always up for anything that helps me get creative with my photography as well! Here are five sweet ways to mark those wonderful month milestones:

Source: Etsy

  1. The Monthly Milestone blanket: This is so cute and clever! These pretty blankets are on Etsy in lots of different varieties, and most come with a little ring or marker to show the month that your baby is turning. You can even purchase them with baby’s name and birthdate printed on them as well. These lightweight blankets are perfect for parents living in small spaces, too, because they fold up and take up hardly any room.
  2. The Wooden Month Blocks: Another adorable option, these little wooden blocks look great with any farmhouse or Mid-Century modern decor scheme, and also look great in a nursery. You can find many of them on Etsy, and also on Amazon. I love that they have some that have “months”, “years” and “grade”, so you can use them for years and years to celebrate all the many memories your little one will go through.

    Source: Etsy

  3. Stickers: These are for the parent that wants something simple and easy! They can be attached to any onesie or blanket for those fun monthly portraits, and they’re super affordable. Almost every set on Etsy is under $10, and includes every month from 1-12! We recommend getting a pack of inexpensive black or white onesies so the stickers really show up in portraits. Check out the Baby story app if you want a way to take the images easily.
  4. Milestone Headbands: Yep, if you’re a mama of a little girl, you’re in luck! You can get these subtle, and fun milestone bows that mark the occasion on a smaller scale. These are also a more unique option; I’ve not seen these displayed as often as some of the more popular monthly markers. Plus, you can peel the numbers off and use the bow by itself.

    Source: Etsy

  5. Faux Letterboards: Yes, the real versions are our favorite, but these faux matte finish cards are perfect if you don’t want a large letterboard for your home. They come in a little pack on Etsy, and still look just as sweet for simple photos. We like them paired in flatlays, with onesies or a birth announcement, for a really easy prop! Each card is about 8×8″ so they’re also best with other props in the image.

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