Emily+Jason | Table Rock Engagement Session

Allie Harrington
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These two contacted me to celebrate their recent engagement, and I couldn’t have been more excited to work with such lovely people. Jason and Emily wanted to mark the occasion with a return to the very spot they met and were engaged at: the majestic Table Rocks in Southern Oregon. These two met on Christian Mingle (they joke, “Yes, it really does work!”), and have been together for six months. Emily says she fell in love really quickly, citing Jason’s love for the Lord, his cooking, and his sense of humor as the things she values the most. Jason adds that Emily has a soft soul, full of loving affection. As a couple, the two of them love hiking, camping, fishing, reading scripture, and going to church together. They also love their weekly date nights, and Emily especially enjoys listening to Jason play guitar.

“I’d say the values that most define our relationship are faith, hope, and love”, adds Emily, “We had both been in prior relationships  before we met, and we are learning to take the good, and leave the bad behind. Our love has been like trading beauty for ashes, and God has shown us what a blessing we have in each other”. One of their mutual favorite memories is their first date, which Emily remembers fondly, “He surprised me with a first date hike up Tablerock (and no, I was not wearing tennis shoes on a first date). He had packed a backpack full of fruit, crackers, my favorite red wine, a blanket and a dance mix with country songs that we both love. We chatted for hours up there and danced overlooking the city lights. After that first date, both of us went home and told our closest friends/family that we had met the love of our life. It only gets better by the day!” I’m so honored they asked me to capture this irreplaceable season in their lives and I wish them all the blessings and love the future can hold. I know their trust in the Lord and love for each other will bring them so much joy in the days to come!

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