Elyssa | Crater High School Senior

Allie Harrington
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Graduation is a pretty big deal, but so is senior year! It’s such an unique time of growth, change, and excitement. I feel so thankful to have met my incredible senior squad members this year, and getting to hear about their future plans really is the cherry on top! It’s Elyssa’s turn here on the blog, and I am pretty excited to introduce this passionate, fun-loving girl to you today. She attends Crater High School, and she’s very involved in showing her animals at the local fair. “I also love hiking to waterfalls, and doing anything active in the outdoors”, she adds, “Going to the Oregon Coast and stopping at the redwoods are also favorites, as well as paddle boarding in the summer with my best friends.” She is looking forward to graduating from high school, and hopes to be accepted in an elementary education program to begin teaching Kindergarten. Elyssa is a deeply caring, loving person who draws inspiration from those who have been through hard things in their lives, adding, “One of my inspirations in life is Amberlyn Snyder, who was in an accident and ended up pursing her dreams and still doing what she loves.”

She was hoping for her senior session to capture her spirit and personality, and the outdoor location we chose was a natural fit. Of course, I had to add in a double exposure shot that I absolutely love, and hope that she does, too! She was up for any pose or location I threw at her, which made my job incredibly easy and rewarding. Congratulations, Elyssa…you will make an incredible teacher, and your students will be lucky to have you!