COVID-19 Policies and Procedures for Allie Harrington Photography

Allie Harrington
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With the recent rise in cases in our county, I wanted to share the ways we are working to keep our clients and our team safe here at Allie Harrington Photography. Many photographers are having to shift their standard operating procedures around to accommodate safety mandates, and we are no different. I recognize that many people have differing political views about the virus, and I want to clarify that these policies and procedures are not a political statement but rather, are a way for us to keep our business running and to follow the current mandates. Please be respectful and kind, and let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

-Outdoor sessions: Occasionally, we offer lifestyle or newborn type photo shoots indoors. At the moment, we are not offering indoor photo shoots, and instead sticking to what we do best: adventuring in the great outdoors! We are selecting appropriate locations where social distancing can be possible and easily accessible.

-Masks: We will be wearing masks while photographing our clients. We will also be working to pose and style you with social distancing, as much as we are possibly able, and to your comfort level. I strive to give clear and demonstrative instructions, so everything should be straightforward for your session! We ask that clients please bring a mask with them, along with anyone accompanying them to the shoot, but we obviously do not require them to be worn while the photos are being taken.

-Numbers: We are not offering large group shoots at the moment. If you have a special circumstance, please let us know, and we can try to better understand what you are needing and how to accommodate you, but we are doing small shoots, with persons in the same quarantine circle or family at the moment. If more people arrive to the shoot than we can safely accommodate, we will need to ask them to leave. One parent is always permitted to remain with a minor photo subject.

-Personal items: We will not be able to touch your personal items at this time. Please leave things like keys, phones, extra clothes, props, and more in a large carrying tote or in your car so that you are able to access them. If you would like to include a prop such as a suitcase, musical instrument, or favorite book, etc, please let me know ahead of time so I can incorporate it perfectly!

-Sanitizing and hand washing: please wash your hand thoroughly before your session, as I will be doing the same. I will be sanitizing all of my equipment between clients, even if the client has not touched the items. I will be using hand sanitizer if hand washing is not available before, during, and after the session. If you have personal hand sanitizer, we greatly encourage you to bring it with you and leave it in your car.

-Notifying: If you have had symptoms of the coronavirus, including but not limited to: fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, you will be required to notify us before your session so we can reschedule. If you have been present with someone who has tested positive, or have notified by a contact tracer that you have been exposed, you are required to notify us as well. If you test positive up to14 days after your session, we will need to be contacted immediately, so we can also be tested and aware. Thank you for understanding.

Thank you to all my amazing clients for respecting and following our protocols, so that we can safely continue operating! As a small business, we truly appreciate your help.