Caitlin+Brendan | Oregon Engagement Photography

Allie Harrington
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Touvelle State Park never disappoints when it comes to perfect summer locations. The park is set up for day-use, and is equipped for fishing, swimming, and hiking…it is one of the sweetest little sections of our local area, and also offers a beautiful backdrop for photos. If you’re looking for a peaceful little piece of Oregon, where you can spread out a blanket, pack a picnic, or read a book, check out Touvelle. It pretty much guarantees some relaxation!

It was a lovely summer evening, the sun was shining through the trees, the river peacefully ran by and we were having a fabulous time…right up until the world’s largest mosquitos decided to almost take us out. Now, you’d never know because they’re smiling so sweetly, but I learned a life lesson, always pack the bug spray (as in, ten cans) during these summer evening shoots. They walked away with plenty of bites, but made it through the session with grins that stretched from ear to ear. Caitlin and Brendan, y’all are so perfect together and I’m looking forward capturing all the sweetness on your wedding day!

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