Bryonie | Cascade Christian High School

Allie Harrington
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Bryonie, thanks for letting me be your senior photographer, but mostly for being YOU! Your kindness and warmth just exudes from you, and I loved getting to know you as we took these photos. Your beautiful personality is what shines through the most, in all that you do.

This gorgeous girl attends Cascade Christian High School, and she’s part of the ASB leadership team there. She’s also part of the cross country program, AP Spanish, AP English, and is captain of the varsity soccer team. Besides being committed to her academics, she also loves being outdoors (hiking or running), and going on adventures/travels with her close friends. During spring break in 2018, she traveled to Mexico to build a home for a family in need and she says that was one of her greatest achievements and privileges in life. This coming summer, she plans to do some traveling abroad with friends, and then find a college that will allow her to begin a career in nursing. She wanted her senior photos to show her “true happiness”, which was easy to capture! She is pure joy, and it shows!