Bella | Senior Photography in Medford, Oregon

Allie Harrington
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Living here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, we have no shortage of gorgeous locations. As a Texas transplant, I personally love the snowy winters we get here, and I always get excited when seniors want a shoot in the snow. Bella is graduating from Phoenix High School, and is an extremely compassionate teen. She’s always ready for an adventure, and has a smile for anyone at a moment’s notice. “The best part of senior year is that it teaches you to appreciate the little things”, says Bella, “I have become more aware that my time in high school is almost over.” When she has a free afternoon, she enjoys going on drives with her family, or watching movies at her home.

“I chose Allie as my senior photographer because I love her, and she made it really easy to smile at the camera”, explains Bella, “I really wanted my session to show my personality and my style…I don’t dress very girly, and I like a more laid-back style.” When she finishes her high school years, she plans to enter the firefighter program at Rogue Community College, adding, “I decided on becoming a firefighter, because I always grew up around firefighters, and was interested in it and how I could help people in that way.” Her personal hero is her grandfather, who is hard-working and determined, and she says she finds him inspirational.

I adore meeting these incredible seniors, and would love to do a session for you as well. If you are a senior, or a parent of a teen, reach out today to discuss booking a shoot!