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Allie Harrington
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For quite a long time, a baby shower felt like an unknown. An unimaginable milestone we weren’t sure we would reach. It wasn’t terrible as much as it was unknown; we knew God would build our little family in His own way, somehow…but when, and how were the big questions weighing on our minds. You may remember our story to our son was marked with loss and grief after miscarriages, and I had to learn to rediscover the joy in the waiting. So, this sweet party, thrown by my sisters and beloved friends, was so surreal.

We gathered to celebrate this little life growing in my belly, and they had planned everything perfectly.   They had little hor’deurves, tiny donuts in paper cones, and crudités and quiche. I loved every bit of the thoughtful care that had been taken to celebrate our family. It was really all I could do to hold back tears for this extra precious time with friends and family, who had gathered to share our miracle. Baby Harrington, you are dearly loved by so many, and we are abundantly grateful.

Special thanks to my dear friend, Kodee of Kodee Roraback Photography, for documenting our day.