Baby and Me | Maternity Session by Betsy Blue Photography

Allie Harrington
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Thankful. Growing. Humbled. Anticipating. Excited.

These are just a few of the emotions running through our hearts and minds, as we eagerly await the arrival of our son. You may have walked with us through the story that was woven in the last few years, and the loss and grief that touched some of those years. Now, we are in anticipation of this next chapter, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. I wrote some words that I hope our son will treasure and read someday, and I wanted to share them here; a testimony to the Hope and peace that comes with trusting our future to a very good God.

A note to our darling little man…

Dear sweet baby boy,
There’s so much anticipation for your arrival. Little did your dad and I know that almost four years into marriage, you would be our fourth baby; the one that we finally get to meet on this side of heaven. Our eyes well up with tears often thinking about the long awaited gift that you already are. The road that has led to you has been full of God helping us in our grief, leaning into Him, and believing in His goodness when things didn’t feel so good. We didn’t know how God would build our family, but we couldn’t be more excited that He is letting us raise you. It’s officially your birth month (if you’re done baking by the 29th that is)!!! This is both beyond belief excited and terrifying all in one; this world is a wild one, but we’ll navigate it together. If you happen to decide to come a little early, this momma wouldn’t mind a bit. Currently you’re on the move most of the day…you must be practicing your ninja warrior moves, because with each movement my whole body seems to jostle. You like to kick my ribs to keep me on my toes and use my bladder as a punching bag. It is the coolest and craziest thing to feel your movements, I just love it…and your dad loves to feel ya moving too (it normally results in both of our eyes filled with tears). Now, your room is just about ready…minus a mattress which we will snag pretty soon, along with a couple of other essentials to keep you alive. Your daddy has worked so hard to make your room the space that I have imagined…he’s pretty amazing and I know you’ll absolutely adore him. You are such a miracle sweet boy and we praise God for the gift that you have been before you’ve even breathed your first breath. You are loved by so many and have been showered with prayers by more than we can count. We love you forever and can’t wait to snuggle your cute buns and embarrass you someday.


Your cool parents

A huge shout-out to Betsy Tomasello of Betsy Blue Photography, who so kindly encouraged me to capture this season. I wasn’t feeling gorgeous or photogenic, and I’m usually more comfortable behind the lens, but I am beyond grateful for her working her magic on this little maternity shoot. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Betsy. If you’re looking for dreamy, elegant photos like these, be sure to check out her work. She also captured our wedding day, so it was extra special that she was able to do these, as well.