Ally | Senior Session

Allie Harrington
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Meet Ally. Although we share a name, she’s by far the cooler one! She’s witty, sarcastic, wonderful, and beautiful. She is down to earth and takes life completely in stride. She actually reminds me a little but of myself, and I loved that. She’s part of my 2020 senior squad, and this girl is SO talented! Ally is part of the speech and debate team and theater cabinets at her school, and she also does the hair and makeup for the productions. Lastly, she’s part of the torch honor society, and has put in lots of volunteer hours at the American Cancer Society Rediscovery Shop in Medford. Acting and reading are some of her favorite ways to spend a free afternoon. Two years ago, she transitioned from life overseas to American public high school, which she says has been a big achievement; life was definitely different that she had been used to. Now, she hopes to finish out her high school years with passion, and then attend college in Oregon.
Ally, you remind me of me a bit. I want you to know that you bring so much value to every place you are. Your life experience is so enriching and has molded you into quite the amazing young lady. I sure wish you all the best, I know no matter what you chase down, you’ll seriously be a breath of fresh air to anyone you encounter. Thanks for putting up with the gal following your every move with a camera and making you do some double exposures and EXTRA cool poses!