Allison+Collin | New Arrival Announcement!

Allie Harrington
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When I met Allison in a hand-lettering class, I connected with her immediately. She was new to the area, and I knew exactly what it was like to move and be a newcomer in the valley. It was sweet to be able to encourage her and learn more about the mutual connections we share.

Allison has a kind and genuine spirit, and i was delighted when I was asked to document this very special announcement for her and Collin. It was such a clever theme, and I loved the glam details like her amazing dress and the little letter-board. I know you can sense their joy and excitement, and the way they just can’t wait to become parents to this very loved baby. Cheers to precious new life and the absolute gift it is to enter into parenthood. Y’all are going to rock it and when you need someone to come hold your baby, help around your house or keep you company, I’m your girl.

If you are thinking of a way to announce fun news like this (pregnancy, adoption, or foster care), I’d love to capture it for you! Please reach out and contact me HERE!