A White Christmas | Leavenworth Washington Destination Shoot

Allie Harrington
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This winter, the four musketeers (dad, bro, myself and the hubs) made our 12 hour journey in the silver bullet (also know as the 4Runner) with more stuff than we probably needed. We had lots of laughs, fun snacks, quick stretch breaks and held our breath while charging some sketchy icy patches through a few passes. Shout out to the worlds most awesome travel buddy, coolest cat and best Nascar driver…Kelly Scott. We made it to Cashmere, Washington on a crisp evening and woke up to the most beautiful white blanket of snow covering every inch. To say that Washington was cold and glorious would be such an understatement. We snow-shoed, cross country skied, took the liberty to sled at high speeds (not recommended for adults), and hiked along snowy paths. We soaked up our time traipsing through the quaint and nostalgic Christmas town of Leavenworth. The massive amount of lights twinkled perfectly and added a heavy dose of Christmas cheer to the blustery days and nights. The children sledding, music playing, the smells of fresh pastries and German restaurants…they all made for a delight to the senses.

Let it be known that I am a TEXAS GIRL to the core. Normally. I don’t enjoy any part of being cold, but I must say that being in the snow and getting to be active and not be miserable is just THE BEST. Turns out when you have the clothing and are prepared, it’s amazingly stellar. I love the snow and all the fun that it brings. I am so grateful for the time we got to spend as a family celebrating Christmas.

I hope that you enjoy the ride of this adventure and feel like you got to be there for these snippets of joy and happiness!
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