2021: The Year of New Photos!

Allie Harrington
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…Well, that was weird. I am pretty sure that’s how we can all quantify 2020, but in all seriousness, there were some really beautiful things that came out of such a strange year, too. For my family, welcoming our sweet Ryder was a highlight, along with learning to dig deep to learn more grit and gratitude. I’m thankful for all the things I learned (although I would sure be grateful for a better year for my little business this year, too!), even though I was ready to step into the new year. What about you? If one thing you thought about last year was family photos, this is the perfect time to accomplish a real goal and update your senior, family, couples or branding portraits. Why make 2021 the year of photos? I have a few reasons…

  1. We all grew during 2020. I’m not just talking about our waistlines ;-), I think everyone can testify to learning and growing when we were faced with so many uncertainties (and still are). That means it’s the perfect time to document your family or you and your spouse…to be able to look back and remember the hard times and the good ones are the reason we even have photos! If you have little ones, you also know they probably grew mentally and physically over the last 12 months, and it’s a great time to update the photos in your family home and photo frames!
  2. They’re perfect to send to family members who can’t get together: If you have grandparents in assisted living facilities are whom live overseas, photos can be a really beautiful gift for them. I’m sure we all know of someone who is immunocompromised or who cannot travel due to the pandemic, and I truly believe updated portraits would bring them joy when they can’t hug or travel to see their family members. Whether it’s your whole family or even just your graduating senior, book a session and get those photos in the mail!
  3. It’s the time to celebrate the obstacles your senior has overcome: The high school seniors are the group my heart just goes out to…it’s been such a hard time for them. Doing their senior photos is a way to honor and encourage what they’ve endured and give them a real celebration with tangible memories. Not only are our senior sessions safe and outdoors, they create a day of memories that will offer seniors just a small piece of normalcy…just like “before” everything turned upside down in the world. Your senior deserves it!
  4. It’s something to look forward to: I’ve talked to so many people who want to travel, and plan a destination trip just because it feels so nice to have something to anticipate. I understand; I am someone who loves thinking about the “next” fun event, and I encourage my clients to really think and plan out their session because it’s way more fun to look forward to it than you may realize. Especially for you mamas who love planning outfits or locations, book your session, and get to planning! We promise it’ll brighten up these winter months!

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